Curtain Wall, 2009

location: McCormick Place West, \”diagonal box\” atrium, 2cond + 3rd floors, Chicago
entrance: on King S Dr. [opposite McCormick East Bldg main entrance]  
[street view map]   [aerial view map]
:: parking 1: street parking on S. Indiana between Cermak and 24th St  
:: parking 2: paid parking in \’Lot A\’ of the McCormick Place West building  

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Curtain Wall, a large scale, real-time interactive installation
::   a public art commission by the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA) of Chicago

Sabrina Raaf\’s interactive sculpture and video installation references the architectural tradition of the \”curtain wall\” or \”glass curtain\” facade in Chicago. This style of edge-to-edge glass facade was popularized by famed architect Mies Van Der Rohe in the mid 20th century and remains a distinctive element of Chicago\’s skyline today. As seen in the hanging sculpture, Raaf pushes forward the metaphor of the \”curtain wall\” by recreating the facade of the McCormick Place West building and bending it\’s structure until it takes on the form of a pliable curtain, blowing in the wind. In doing so, Raaf\’s piece also references Chicago\’s \”Windy City\” nickname. The interactive video portion of this work responds to changes in the ambient room sound as well as to visitors speaking into the microphone located just next to the displays. In keeping with the original meaning of the Windy City moniker (based upon blustery politics and politicians), the virtual \’glass curtain\’ shown in the video reacts to voice levels (both in their pitch and volume) by actively fluttering, floating, or flapping. The more \”wind\” visitors create with their voices the more motion is generated in the curtain.

Video Wall: 20ft h x 6ft w
Hanging Sculpture: 40ft l x 12ft w x 16ft h

Materials: Steel, extruded plastic, LED lighting, video tile display, and interactive light display

Contributors: RPS Studios, RGB Lights, Rockey Structures

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