Pink Bliss (Breath V) explores the pure fetishization of technology. Here a calculator face is rubbed repeatedly with a prosthetic finger, creating shimmering pink waves of liquid crystal to slide across its LCD panel. This action occurs only when a viewer is watching. The experience is sexualized by the breath sound patterns emitted by the piece. With each stroke the piece sighs and gasps with erotic satisfaction as the calculator counts higher and higher. Pink Bliss is about consumption. It speaks to the common material preoccupation in our culture with electronic gadgets and hand-held technologies. The name \”Pink Bliss\” is the actual name of the Cover Girlª brand nail polish used to colorize the prosthetic finger. The finger\’s press-on nail is made by Naileneª.

Media: Aluminum, custom electronics,calculator, Plexiglas, rubber, sound

Dimensions: 32\”h x 7\”w x 7\”d

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