Breath 1: Pleasure, 2000

Breath I: Pleasure (2000) is about the purely physical or kynic pleasure of breathing. The cellular images in Breath were made by blowing ink-saturated bubbles onto vellum. Visually, the red bubbles inside resemble red blood cells undergoing mitosis (or cell splitting). The bright red of the cells suggests highly oxygenated blood. The pieces are overlaid with stretched cow gut with very pronounced milky veins which are suggestive of lungs. Adhered to the gut surface are small droplets of cast resin. These add a delicacy and liquidity to the immediate surface.

The circular structures are back lit with bluish-white neon.The systematic dimming and brightening of clusters of these circles occurs at the rate of human breathing. The choreography of these breathing patterns with each other is controlled by 3 microcontroller circuits as well as other custom electronics (neon dimmers, etc). There are 21 some odd breathing patterns programmed into the 3 chips. The circles dim on and off in independent clusters according to the breathing patterns each microcontroller is accessing. The patterns used are accessed at random and are complex enough to appear as an infinite set of breathing, sighing, panting, and breath holding.

Media: Mr. Bubbles, printer\’s ink, cow gut, neon, Plexiglas, bee\’s wax, aluminum and electronic circuitry.

Dimensions: Approximately 15’W x 10\’H (variable)

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