Take the Call, 2008

Take the Call\’ addresses the struggle to maintain one\’s grounding in a sense of \’now\’ in our super-saturated digital era. This struggle has now become a full time – as one\’s anchoring is so quickly eroded by seductive streams of up-to-the-minute media messages and then the ripple effects of their updates. \’Take the Call\’ addresses this very uncomfortable new-normal: this state of hyper-awareness, urgency, and amplification. In the work, one sees a large eye, slightly bloodshot, surveying the room. Rising from the eyelid is a long red flag that floats above the eye like a ribbon. Not only does the flag keep the eye open, it acts as an antenna for the eye – fluttering, rippling, and whipping softly when the sound level in the exhibition space suddenly shifts or when visitors speak in proximity to it. The eye itself was inspired by the dozens of videos I\’ve found on YouTube of people staring intently – eyeball to lens – into their webcam.

Dimensions: 17’h x 8’w x 1\”d

Materials: Custom electronics + video software programming, large scale flexiflex video screens [screens are courtesy of RGB lights]

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