curated by Sabrina Raaf

  1. Artists: Industry of the Ordinary, Patrick Lichty, Andrea Polli, subRosa, Michael Workman, Amy Youngs

  2. Propagation is an exhibition about artists, art writers, and curators who bypass traditional exhibition systems (eg. galleries, museums, magazines, etc.) by creating their own methods and systems for distributing their art or message. But more essentially, it’s about how these culture authors’ unique systems of dispersion may – in and of themselves – be considered as art. On view are diagrams generated by each exhibitor that map out aspects of their methodology, network, and organizational patterns. Also on display are video interviews with the exhibitors, documentation of their works as well as actual works, and distributive ephemera (pamphlets, cds, and other materials). This exhibition offers an opportunity for audiences to examine the shape and phenomena of these art generation, systemization, and distribution methodologies as art forms and end products – not just as production engines.

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