curated by Sabrina Raaf

  1. Participating artists include Jeff Carter, Lisa Costello, Christopher Furman, Susan Giles, Tiffany Holmes, Joseph Konkhe, Heidi Kumao, Harold Mendez, Scott Roberts, Fernando Orellana, and Siebren Versteeg.

  2. There is a certain under-spoken brand of humor that is held in common by these artists. They share a predilection for lightly rippling ironies that tease audiences with their implications. Their humor is not outright, nor silly, nor necessarily even looking for a laugh. It is a veiled humor, sly and sometimes slow in its delivery. It is equally as amusing as it is thought-provoking. For, while humor may be the thematic grounds upon which this exhibition has been built, it is not intended by these artists to be an end in and of itself. It functions as an attractive yet unpresuming platform.

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