3D Space 1


  1. This course provides an introduction to 3D modeling with Maya for students of fine arts, design, biovisualization, architecture and computer science. Students will learn to utilize Maya’s sophisticated interface to explore object modeling, environment construction and set design, surface texturing, lighting and image rendering. Through lectures, field trips, tutorials, and in-class projects, students will develop a multi-purpose skill set that can be used for innovative content creation such as for filmic animation and compositing, gaming, biomedical visualizations, virtual worlds design as well as for previsualizing design objects and sculptural installations.
  2. TThe 3D Space I class will concentrate on modeling and still image output. 3D Space II, taught in the Spring, is a continuation of this series and introduces animation, dynamics (including particle and fluid systems), rigging, and an introduction to MEL scripting.


  1. Understand how visual information is created and produced in 3D
    Model complex objects and environments
    Apply and create materials that control surface appearence
    Render images that showcase your creative talents

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